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After Socket Bone Grafting


DON’T SMOKE for a minimum of 2 weeks post the surgery. Smoking significantly ups the risk of failure of the bone graft. If you are planning to discontinue smoking, this is the perfect time to start.

Wearing your Prosthesis or Nightguards

Partial dentures, full dentures or flippers should not be used after surgery until the post-operative appointment, unless you have specifically been instructed otherwise.

- If you have any temporary "flipper" to wear don’t place it until all numbness in that area is gone.
- When this is  placed it shouldn’t touch the gums in the surgery area.
- If it does, it can cause ulceration of that wound’s edges and a breakdown of suture margins.

If you have any queries about the “fit” of your flipper, partial/complete denture, don’t wear it until the general dentist/our office is able to see you.

Other Post-operative Considerations

You will also notice that you can’t really see the implants in your mouth, since the gums cover that area. This is a good sign. Don’t stretch your lip to inspect that area as it can cause the wound to open up. 

In some cases, an abutment or healing cap will be placed over that implant. It will be silver in color and emerge through the gums. Be extremely cautious not to eat/chew on the temporary implant covers as this can place undue movement on the dental implants below & can result in an implant failure.

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